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Copper SFP/SFP+ Transceivers

GZCOM Copper SFP/SFP+ include 1000Mbps pure Gigabit , 10/100/100Mbps adaptive and 100M to 10Gbps adptive Cooper module. This series of products adopt compact RJ-45 interface, compatible with ieee 802.3ba. It is characterized by low power consumption, small volume and wide temperature range.It is mainly used in Fast Ethernet transmission and other environments.
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P/N Description Data Rate Reach Temperature(°C) Connector
GZ-T1 Copper-T SFP 1000Mbs 100M 0-70 RJ-45
GZ-T2 Copper-T SFP 10/100/1000Mbs 100M 0-70 RJ-45
GZ-T3 Copper-T SFP 10/100Mbs 100M 0-70 RJ-45
GZ-T4 Copper-T SFP 10/100mbs 100M 0-70 RJ-45
GZ-T5 Copper-T SFP 10Gbps 30M 0-70 RJ-45
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