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Company Profile GZCOM

GZCOM is a global leading communications hardware and project solutions provider. We are dedicated to helping you build, connect, protect and optimize your optical infrastructure.GZCOM specializes in the development, production and sales of optical communications products. With the development of the optical communication industry and years of rich experience, GZCOM can provide full range of optical products and solutions, the products are widely used in the MAN, LAN, Fiber Channel network,Data Center, FTTx and other fields. Our customers are covered in domestic China , Western Europe, North America, southeast Asia, the commonwealth of independent states (cis), Africa,Middle East, South America and other overseas areas.GZCOM products are ISO, ROHS, CE, and FCC certified to meet the industry standards.GZCOM products are ISO, ROHS, CE, and FCC certified to meet the industry standards.

Our main products : 

1.PoE Switch 

2.Network Ethernet Switch 

3.Access Point,Access Control 

4.Media Converters 

5.Optical transceivers100G QSFP28 series, 40G QSFP+ series, 25G SFP28 series, 10G SFP+/XFP/X2/XENPAK series, 1.25G SFP series.

6 High speed Cables100G AOC series, 100G DAC series, 40G AOC series, 40G DAC series, 25G AOC series, 25G DAC series, 10G AOC series, 10G DAC series.

7. Passive products Patch cords, Adapters, Attenuator, PLC splitters, MUX, DEMUX equipments.

GZCOM offers innovative optical technology to customers. Cooperating with eminent optical raw material suppliers and placing a strong emphasis on product compatibility and quality, we provide high-quality products at affordable prices. Our relentless pursuit of achieving customer satisfaction is the reason why the customers choose us.

  • Phone: 86-15876566237
  • Email: luffy@gzcomm.com
  • Address: 401, Annex Building, Jinhedan Commercial Center, No. 329, Longhuan 3rd Road, Helian Community, Longhua Street, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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