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EPON ONU/OLT SFP Transceiver

GZCOM EPON ONU/OLT series support application levels such as px-20 and px-20 +.The series of products use single fiber bidirectional transmission, SC or with tail fiber connector.Compatible with IEEE802.3ah, sff-8472 and other standards;It is characterized by low power consumption, small volume, high speed and wide temperature range.We mainly apply PON and other environments.
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P/N Application λ(nm) Data Rate(Gb/s) ODN Class Package Connector
GZ-EPON-+ EPON OLT 1490T/1310R 1.25T/1.25R  PX20+ SFP SC
GZ-EPON-++ EPON OLT 1490T/1310R 1.25T/1.25R  PX20++ SFP SC
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Service hotline 86-15876566237