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Global data center capital spending to reach $350 billion in 2026

Date:2022-02-07 23:03:10

Global data center capital spending to reach $350 billion in 2026

According to a recent forecast released by Dell'Oro(Leading Independent Telecommunications Market Analysis & Research Firm | Dell'Oro Group (, global data center capital expenditure (CAPEX) is expected to reach $350 billion by 2026. The research firm predicts that hyperscale cloud service providers will double their data center spending over the next five years, driving market growth.

Baron Fung, research director at Dell'Oro, said: "We are optimistic about the outlook for data center infrastructure capital spending, forecasting a five-year growth of 10 percent. As hyperscale cloud service providers invest in expanding data center networks, adding cloud capacity, and AI infrastructure is deployed to support new applications such as metadata, and they will gain an increasing share of the overall market. We also expect that with the further transformation of data center infrastructure to distributed, as well as cloud and telecom service providers and enterprises Data center spending will also increase as new services roll out at the network edge.”

Additional highlights from the five-year forecast report on data center IT capital spending:

1. Global data center capital spending is expected to grow by 10% by 2026.

2. Capital expenditures for servers are expected to exceed other segments due to the adoption of new server CPU platforms and accelerated computing.

3. Edge computing will account for 8% of total data center infrastructure spending by 2026.

The construction of the data center computer room is a systematic project, which consists of the main engine room (including network switches, server groups, storage, data input, output wiring, communication area and network monitoring terminals, etc.), basic workshops (including offices, buffer rooms, corridors, etc.) , locker room, etc.), the first type of auxiliary room (including maintenance room, instrument room, spare parts room, storage medium storage room, data room), the second type of auxiliary room (including low-voltage power distribution, UPS power supply room, battery room, precision It is composed of air-conditioning system room, gas fire extinguishing equipment room, etc.) and the third type of auxiliary room (including storage room, general rest room, toilet, etc.).

A large number of network switches,optic transceivers, etc. are placed in the host room, which is the core of the integrated wiring and information network equipment, and is also the data aggregation center of the information network system. The cleanliness, temperature and humidity requirements are relatively high. The computer room is equipped with a large number of supporting equipment such as UPS uninterruptible power supply, precision air conditioner, and computer room power supply. It is necessary to configure an auxiliary computer room. In order to facilitate management, sometimes the communication computer room and the information network computer room are combined. , so that the area of ​​the computer room is relatively large. In addition, the layout of the computer room should also have independent entrances and exits;


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