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The global optical transmission market will reach US$18 billion in 2025

Date:2021-08-31 16:52:00

The global optical transmission market will reach US$18 billion in 2025

A few days ago, market research company Dell'Oro released the latest five-year forecast report on optical transmission.

● The optical transmission market will continue to grow in the next five years.
According to the latest forecast of Dell'Oro, the global optical transmission market will continue to grow in the next five years, reaching nearly US$18 billion by 2025. The main driving force for the growth of this market is WDM equipment. Dell'Oro’s latest forecast has not changed compared to previous forecasts, which means that the analysis company has actually lowered the prospects of WDM Metro, because coherent 400Gbps ZR (400ZR) pluggable optics are now available, and service providers are in IPoDWDM The interest in using them in the architecture seems to be high.

● The rise of coherent ZR optical pluggability
Dell'Oro predicts that the demand for coherent ZR optical pluggability will start in 2022, starting with 400GZR. Internet content providers (ICP) will have a great demand for such pluggable optical products, which will promote the rapid growth of this sector in the next few years. Following the successful application of 400ZR, the analysis company expects that 800ZR will enter the market in a few years. By 2025, the annual sales of the ZR pluggable optics market will exceed $500 million.

● 800Gbps will be 1+Tbps Since its first launch in early 2020, the demand for 800Gbps line cards has grown rapidly, indicating that the product has a high adoption rate and the market has continued demand for higher-performance DWDM transponder cards. Therefore, Dell'Oro believes that the market is ready to introduce the next single-carrier wavelength speed.
   The analysis company predicts that the next wavelength speed after 800Gbps will be 1200Gbps (1.2Tbps). Based on the time when the coherent DSP was launched in the past, Dell'Oro predicts that 1.2Tbps line cards may enter the market before the end of 2023.
   By 2025, approximately one-third of coherent wavelength shipments will come from line cards that can transmit signals at 800Gbps or higher. 

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